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Do tea and coffee make acne worse?

Tea and coffee are great sources of antioxidants; however additions of dairy and sugar could negatively affect your skin. Avoid the highly processed, packaged treats that go with your cuppa. Check if dairy and refined sugar are triggers of your acne

Whether its a revitalising cup of coffee from our favourite barista, or that all-essential afternoon cup of tea, could we be making acne-prone skin worse with our choice of beverage? Expert and dermatologist, Dr Justine Kluk says “There is no published data to confirm whether tea or coffee influence acne.”

Could the additions to our warm drinks be bad for acne prone skin?

It has been thought that dairy could be an issue for acne prone skin. Dr Justine reveals, “Interestingly, there is some evidence (published in the American Academy of Dermatology acne guidelines published in February 2016) that dairy, in particular skimmed milk, may contribute to acne so there might be an indirect link.”

Could refined sugar be bad for acne prone skin?

If you like milk and two sugars in your drinks, you might be in trouble! Refined sugar breaks down collagen and elastin so, can indirectly make skin sag and wrinkle. Glycation, which is sugar and collagen blend, is also an aggravating factor for acne breakouts.

Really guilty pleasures!

Highly processed, packaged foods such as biscuits, milk chocolate, crisps, pastries and store-bought muffins and cakes, as these are loaded with unhealthy trans-fats, refined white flour and sugar – all terrible for skin, and definitely not what you want to be eating to help avoid or treat acne” adds nutritionist and expert Dr. Michelle Braude, founder of The Food Effect.

So, should I scrap my favourite cuppa?

The answer is, that if you can take your tea straight up and cut out the triple lattes with added sugar, you should be just fine. It’s the additions to your drinks that cause the problems, rather than the tea and coffee, that incidentally are both great sources of antioxidants themselves!

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