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Water Lovers since 2012

Since 2012, Water Lovers is Biotherm’s program aims to create a movement to educate about plastic pollution and trigger a positive change in people’s behavior towards oceans.

Understanding the environmental impact of climate change and particularly the threat of plastic pollution, Biotherm has worked to apply an environmental approach to product development. From the formula to the packaging of Biotherm products, especially the WaterLover suncare, Biotherm aims to limit its product’s environmental impact.

Our actions for the next 10 years will determine the state of the ocean for the next 10 000 years.
Sylvia Earle - Mission Blue Founder


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Historical partner since 2012


In continuation of its commitment to the Earth’s water, Biotherm Water Lovers is proud to work in partnership with Mission Blue since 2012, to protect “Hope Spots” - special places that are critical to the health of the ocean. A concept introduced by Dr Sylvia Earle, the founder of Mission Blue, which empowers individuals and communities to protect special places around the world that are critical to the health of the ocean.

In 2020, the partnership will seek to address the ever-growing threat of plastic pollution, in order to save the world’s oceans and support to protect a new Hope Spot in Spain*, addressing the ever-growing threat of plastic pollution and do ocean cleanup event.

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Research partner since 2017


By funding the Tara Ocean Foundation, the Water Lovers program supports the research to understand how to minimize the product impact on the ocean waters and helps to raise awareness on environmental issue.
This non-profit organization collaborates with scientific institutions to study the impact of climate and ecological change on the ocean. Tara Ocean Foundation sails a 36-meter aluminum schooner called Tara to travel the world and collect ocean data. The boat has completed 11 expeditions, providing scientists with the information they need to predict and anticipate the impact of climate change.

In 2020, the expedition will be “South Atlantic mission”. (to be launched in October 2020, still dedicated on micro plastic issue and plankton analysis  – upstream the rivers in Brazil, Chili, Argentina, South Africa, Senegal.)

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Action partner since 2020


In 2020, Surfrider Foundation Europe is one of our NGO partner. Surfrider has become a reference in the fight for the protection of the ocean and its users, with the passion and commitment of its community on the ground. Surfrider Foundation Europe is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to protect and showcase the importance of lakes, rivers, the ocean, waves, and coastlines.

In 2020, we will support more than 2000 waste collection operations around the world through active volunteers on the ground.

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Nature, water is at the core of our brand. As a result, it is very natural for us to have a strong commitment in protecting our environment and especially the planet’s blue heart.
Giulio Bergamaschi - Global President of Biotherm

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