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A Daily Skin Care Routine for Dehydrated, Sensitive Skin

Here's a skincare routine designed to restore your skin's moisture and keep it intensely hydrated, morning, noon and night skin can feel tight and uncomfortable, with an uneven, sometimes flaky texture. Follow this daily routine to invigorate your skin, restoring its natural moisture and your healthy glow.
10 Aug 2020

Morning routine

Wake your skin up with a gentle scrub or cleanser. This will help you feel revived and remove any grease that’s built up through the night.

Pat your face down with a clean towel to remove every last drop of water. Then, apply a moisturiser with a rich, hydrating formula that’s suitable for your skin type.

Smooth it into your face and neck with sweeping, circular motions.  Don’t use too much – keep adding small amounts until it’s all absorbed. Your face shouldn’t feel oily or greasy afterwards.

You could add an awakening eye balm to stimulate the delicate skin around your eyes. This is recommended if you experience dark areas or dehydration lines around the eye.

Then, apply your cosmetics over the top. Be sure to use a foundation, BB or CC cream with an SPF of 15+ and UVA protection.   Your lips can dry out, too. Once your make-up is finished, add a softening lip balm, also with an SPF, to keep them protected and moisturised.

During the day

Reapply your nourishing lip balm as soon as it rubs away. If your skin begins to feel tight at any point, dab a few spots of moisturiser onto the affected areas.

To keep your skin feeling dewy and fresh, try a spritz of La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water throughout the day. It’s formulated for sensitive skin and has soothing, softening and anti-irritating properties.

Night Routine

First, clean away your make-up using make-up remover. Then, use a soap-free cleanser. Wet your face with tepid water (use bottled water if you live in a hard water area), put a few drops of cleanser onto a cotton wool ball and gently buff across your face, before rinsing it all away.

If you experience flaky patches, you may want to exfoliate daily, too. Choose an exfoliation product with very fine, gentle particles that won’t irritate your skin or cause any redness. 
Once you’ve removed all of the exfoliator, it’s time for a nourishing serum to help restore the moisture you’ve lost during the day. Apply a few drops of serum to your face and neck, smoothing it in with circular motions. Leave it to absorb for 10 minutes.

Then, apply your night cream. Night cream should be intensely moisturising, more so than your usual moisturiser. Take a generous amount and massage across your face and neck – it has all night to sink in.

A good night cream will have you waking up with soft, refreshed skin.

Again, if the area around your eyes is prone to dryness, this is a good time to reapply your eye balm and avoid losing moisture overnight.

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