Don't let hidden spots get under your skin this summer

Don't let hidden spots get under your skin this summer
Don't let hidden spots get under your skin this summer

It`s summertime and there’s a song on everyone’s lips and a bounce in everyone’s step in anticipation of the short but sweet few months where the sun is shining and life is good.

So you’re getting your feet pedicured for the flip-flops and legs spray-tanned for the summer dresses. Perhaps there’s even a haircut appointment in your calendar to keep you looking tres chic and cool in the hot days to come. But what about your skin? Is it radiant and fresh, with a healthy, freshly-scrubbed look? Or are there already signs of trouble in paradise, with bumps under the skin signifying acne breakouts to follow? There’s no reason to hit the panic button yet. With a bit of careful planning you can make a considered choice about your skincare products and routine and slowly but surely getting your skin looking great in time for summer.

Spots under the skin are usually a sign of congestion, especially if you have oily or acne-prone skin. They can be triggered by stress, a change in diet or lifestyle patterns or just natural, hormonal changes in the body. Or if you’ve been working out a lot to get yourself beach-body ready, excessive sweating, minus a thorough cleansing routine, can also lead to congested skin. It’s a good idea to identify and treat them before they result in breakouts and leave unsightly acne scars.

If you look on the internet, you might come across a lot of remedies ranging from the unconventional (place a warm tea bag on the spot to draw it out) to the truly daring (get a cortisone shot). Other suggestions include hot and cold compresses and even sticking your face over a bowl of boiling hot water to draw out the impurities. But it’s best to look for a safe, tried and tested solution instead of soliciting inexpert advice from strangers and sometimes well-meaning but ill-informed family members. These ideas often end up doing more harm than good, especially for sensitive, acne-prone skin that needs proper care.

According to skincare experts, what you need is a cleansing and clarifying skincare line that’s been formulated specifically for oily and blemish-prone skin to prevent acne and control excess oil.

Follow a daily routine of gentle cleansing, toning and hydrating with an acne-treatment cream is a truly effective way to treat those inconvenient, under-the-skin spots before summer.

Also remember to follow a balanced diet with plenty of water and nourishing, fresh fruits and vegetables, get lots of sleep and step out into the great outdoors for some exercise.

Before you know it, you’ll be showing off your healthy, clean skin to perfection.


This article is intended as general information only. You should seek advice from a professional before starting any new regime or course of conduct.