Being confident at work despite suffering from acne: Justina’s story

Being confident at work despite suffering from acne: Justina’s story
Being confident at work despite suffering from acne: Justina’s story

Today we meet Justina, whose journey to feeling comfortable in her own skin has been a rocky one. From an early age, Justina says she felt ‘ugly’ and wanted to ‘hide’, but fast forward to the present and she’s a confident and successful young woman who feels as beautiful as she looks.

How long have you had spots for?

I don’t even remember to be honest but probably around 15 years.

Did having spots affect the way you felt about yourself when you were younger?

I just wanted to hide; I was looking at my friends with perfect skin and just felt ugly. I was constantly pushing my parents to let me use make-up to cover my spots. Spots were appearing on my back and chest as well, so in summer I couldn’t always wear the clothes I wanted because I was embarrassed.

Did your skin affect how you felt about working and socialising?

It did when I was younger. I wouldn’t go out without makeup and when I was out I was constantly checking to see if everything was covered properly. Taking pictures was a disaster; my friends were so fed up with me because I kept deleting pictures because of my skin.

What helped you feel better on days you were unhappy with your skin?

If I had to go out, it was makeup that made me feel better. If I was staying in, it was testing new products to see if they worked.

What has helped your skin to improve as an adult?

The right skincare and diet have definitely had the biggest impact on my skin condition.  I’ve also learnt more about which ingredients are good at getting rid of spots so I look out for those. My favourite is salicylic acid, it’s in lots of face washes and I find it really helps to reduce my spots.

After so many years suffering from spots, what has really helped you to love your skin now? 

I just accepted the fact that regardless of how much I hated them, they would be coming back from time to time. I knew how to cover them when I needed to, and I kept trying to find my perfect skincare match. Since then, I’ve got older and I’ve stopped caring so much about what people think of my skin and I can finally go out without makeup on.

What would you want to say to reassure other people who suffer from spots?

I would tell them that they shouldn’t let spots or any other flaw define them. And that taking good care of their skin can really help and can help make the spots go away for good.

How has your life improved now that you have learnt to love your skin?

I think every flaw limits us until we accept it and learn how to live with it. I am more confident now even though my skin is still not perfect, and I don’t feel less beautiful because of it.

 *Not a real picture of Justina