Autumn skincare guide

  • Monitor the effects that the change in season has on your s

  • Monitor the effects that the change in season has on your skin

  • Keep your skin hydrated and soothed as colder weather conditions appear

  • It is vital to apply SPF throughout the year, regardless of the temperature

Autumn skincare guide
Autumn skincare guide

As the leaves change colour, and the wind picks up, there is an increasing need to look after your skin. With the harsh weather conditions putting strain on your skin, it’s essential to develop a good autumn skincare routine.

How can the change in seasons affect my skin?

The environment we live in has a real impact on our skin, on both the outside layer and deeper within. In summer, our skin suffers from higher exposure to UV rays, and the effects from air conditioning, whilst in the colder months, it’s the other way around. Whether it’s the blizzard-like conditions outside or the skin-drying heating indoors, our skin has to put up with a lot as the seasons change.

Which products should I use to protect skin?

Tessa Tysome, a La Roche-Posay skincare expert says “if you start to get breakouts from the heating then Effaclar DUO [+] is an effective way of clearing your skin. Enriched with salicylic acid and LHA, it reduces the size and appearance of spots in 24 hours and it also unclogs pores as a daily care to prevent appearance of more spots. If you find your skin is more sensitive as the weather changes, or dry and flaky Toleriane Ultra comes highly recommended as it will keep the skin hydrated and soothed.”

The key is to keep skin nourished and moisturised. Try rich, soothing formulas like Lipikar Baume AP+ specifically formulated to restore moisture to dry skin on the body. Suffering from dry, sensitive skin on your face? Enriched with nurosine, shea butter and glycerine, Toleriane Ultra relieves dry, sensitive skin on your face.

Don’t be duped by the lack of sunshine. Regardless of the time of year, UV rays continue to hit your skin. Incorporate SPF into your daily skincare routine, in order to help protect your skin from UV damage and prevent premature aging.