4 top beauty bloggers spill their skincare secrets

4 top beauty bloggers spill their skincare secrets
4 top beauty bloggers spill their skincare secrets

Who better to glean skincare secrets from than those who spend their lives trying out new products for the online beauty community? Each with their own skin concerns and experiences, these four internet sensations reveal their top skincare tips.

1. Sun protection with The Anna Edit

In an interview for The Skin Edit with dermatologist Dr. Tabi Leslie, blogger Anna voices her own skincare concerns as well as those from her followers. For Anna, the most important aspect of skincare, especially when she’s on holiday somewhere hot and sunny, is to wear minimum factor 20 sun cream every day and to top up religiously at least every hour. Light textures are her favourites for keeping her skin feeling comfortable.

2. Travelling with Em Ford

My Pale Skin beauty blogger Em Ford suffers from severe acne. These days, Ford is a converted fan of thermal spring water spray, which she takes with her on flights (travel size versions exist) to quickly spray over her face to freshen up before landing. Thermal spring water is naturally rich in antioxidants, making it ideal for sensitive, irritated skin and those with acne. Refreshing and hydrating, thermal water cools the skin and soothes irritation from air conditioning or temperature changes.

3. Getting into a routine with Melanie Murphy

The social media star Melanie Murphy caught up with dermatologist Dr. Niki Ralph to talk about her own experience with problem skin for The Skin Edit, and revealed that she is a firm believer in a consistent beauty routine. She particularly likes products that come in packs, or steps, (cleanser-toner-moisturiser), which help users get into a rhythm every morning and evening. With a regular beauty routine, skin finds balance, and is cleansed and moisturised in the morning and evening, making breakouts less likely.

4. Night-time beauty with Sjlovesjewelry

Blogger Shreya Jain suffers from acne breakouts from time to time, and uses social media to give key tips to her followers about how to deal with blemishes. Shreya loves using a miceo-exfoliator as part of her evening beauty routine, followed by patting her face dry with a soft towel to avoid harming or irritating her skin or aggravating any problem areas. To remove every last bit of makeup at night, she recommends using toner after cleansing. These last, almost invisible particles of bacteria in makeup risk irritating sensitive skin and causing breakouts. By ensuring there is no makeup residue on your face, you allow your pores to breathe freely.