3 Golden Rules about skincare products for eczema & dry skin

  • Seek minimalist formulae, created specifically for dry, eczema-prone skin

  • Embrace ingredients such as glycerin, shea butter and madecassoside

  • Avoid products containing fragrances, parabens and preservatives

3 Golden Rules about skincare products for eczema & dry skin

Faced with so much choice, it’s not always easy knowing which skincare products to choose. Expert and dermatologist, Dr Justine Kluk shares her 3 top tips.

1. Keep it simple

Avoid fragranced or foaming shower gels or soaps - choose bath or shower emollient washes instead. Add a soothing emollient oil to bath water for extra nourishing care.

2. Go for essential ingredients

Products containing glycerin are particularly good for very rough skin or if itching is a problem. Madecassoside contains anti-inflammatory and pro-healing properties to soothe the skin, whilst shea butter can help lipid replenishment. Zinc gluconate is also a powerful ingredient to look out for; its antibacterial action helps to reduce the chance of infections developing.

3. Moisturising is key

For eczema-prone skin, simple, non-fragranced preservative-free moisturisers are best and should be applied at least twice daily for dry skin, more often for eczema-prone skin.

And, finally…

The real insiders’ tip to gain maximum moisturising power? Dr Kluk says “Absorption can be increased by applying within 5 minutes of a bath or shower”.